Fall Forward

I don’t know about you but whenever the seasons change, particularly Summer into Fall, I feel overwhelmingly inspired to initiate change in my life. I think the physical display of nature changing before my eyes energizes me to want to change my diet, my thought patterns or anything in my life that I feel needs improvement – the Fall season – is my favorite season to reflect and recharge before the new year.  

In nature, Fall is a time of death.  But not just death, rebirth as well.  The energy that the summer months bring with vacations, outdoor gatherings, and more activities -- the slowing down of the warmer months provide more time to listen to your inner voice, brainstorm ideas and get organized.  I know many people wait for the new year, but why wait when the Fall season provides a jump-start on accomplishing new goals.

I challenge you to honor any changes that are calling you in this season.  If it’s your job, move on your search for a new one.  Want to change your eating habits?  Begin eating more foods that are better for you.  Maybe you need a better way to start your day, change your sleep routine so you can wake up on time and feel refreshed!  

Whatever it is, use the Fall season, as a time to ‘fall forward’ and welcome change into your life.  Use this change in seasons to move into all you desire to be and accomplish in the new year.  Don’t wait for a designated date on a calendar to begin designing a ‘better you’ – start now, start today, fall forward and don’t stop until you accomplish your goals!

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