It Doesn’t Have to be Business, As Usual

Doing business is often portrayed as a dog-eat-dog world. Only the fit survive and you’re constantly competing to be the man or woman on top! It’s easy to believe that to become successful there’s absolutely no room to be kind, and that there are no rules in business because it’s never personal.  It’s ALWAYS just business. 

Recently, I was corresponding with a sales rep for an advertising agency. She sent me an email, and then one day she just disappeared.  Three weeks went by and she had not responded to my follow-up emails or phone calls.  My final email simply said, “I pray that all is well with you.” The next morning, I saw that she sent an email late that night stating, “I apologize. My work travel schedule has been very hectic. Let’s connect later today.”  Once on the phone, she apologized for disappearing right in the middle of closing the advertising sale for The Mount magazine. In response, I said, “No worries. I was concerned something may have happened to you. I was relieved that you were traveling for work.”  She replied, “In all of my professional work career, no one has responded that they were worried about MY condition.”

In any business dealing, whether it’s contracting a landscaper to making a million dollar deal in the board room. If someone is late, doesn’t respond to an email or phone call in a timely manner we automatically think the worse: “They’re unprofessional.” “This is how they do business?” When life could have just happened to the individual: a death in the family, they unexpectedly got very sick, they were in an accident, the list is endless.

For us, as Christians, it’s not business as usual.  Let’s re-think how we ‘do business.’  It’s okay to be kind.  Although we all like to think this of ourselves, no one is on-point and perfect all the time.  Let’s not lose sight of that. People need to see Jesus in you while you are in the board room, your office, running your business or in the grocery store checkout line.  For many people, YOU may represent the Bible that they have not yet picked up or read! You never know who may need to see His love – yes, even in the Business.

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