Tips for the new Instagram Algorithm

According to Buffer, there are seven key factors that will affect your account and content within the algorithm:

  1. Engagement: How popular the post is
  2. Relevancy: The genres of content you are interested in and have interacted with
  3. Relationships: The accounts you regularly interact with
  4. Timeliness: How recent the posts are
  5. Profile Searches: The accounts you check out often
  6. Direct Shares: Whose poss you are sharing
  7. Time Spent: The duration spent viewing a post

According to, here are a few tips to navigate your way on Instagram:

  • Change your hashtags regularly – if it has been over three weeks, change them!
  • Be careful not to like, comment, or follow/unfollow too quickly. Instagram will think you’re a robot.
  • Don’t join comment pods or ‘engagements groups’ hosted within Instagram DM’s.
  • Don’t over-post (3+ daily) or under-post (less than 2 posts a week).

We hope these tips are helpful. Happy IGing!!!

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